Multicomponent moulding


Oscatech microinyeccion  has multi-component injection technology, with machinery specifically dedicated to the manufacture of micro-parts and small parts in two plastic materials. Thanks to the combination of state-of-the-art technologies, we can offer different technical solutions in terms of molds and processes for bi-material injection (rotary plate, indexed insert, core back, etc).

Our multicomponent injection machine ensures high repeatability and injection precision thanks to its 100% servo-electric drives and the connection, under 4.0 environment, of all the peripherals involved in the process control.

In Oscatech microinyeccion we make possible the manufacture of small plastic components, which require a combination of plastics; hard/soft, opaque/transparent or in two colors.

Our long experience and specialization in the development and manufacturing of mini and micro components allows us to ensure optimal solutions to small products, both in quality, service and reactivity.

  Date: 05/09/2023