3 Design

We bring knowledge and experience to the table in industrial and mechanical design, transforming ideas into marketable products.

Our know-how in plastic materials enables us to give advice on choosing the right material for a particular application, contemplating mechanical, heat, chemical, and biocompatibility needs, among others.

We analyse product needs and risks, seeking the optimum solution in terms of cost, quality and lead time.






We create prototypes, selecting the most suitable technology for prototyping the product or project.

We have 3-D printing systems and our team sees to the finish, as well as assembling the prototypes, delivering a component or product that will help validate the design.

"We are pioneers in the use of prototype moulds for additive technology and can provide in-mould low-level production solutions in soft materials."






Development and manufacture of optimised, integrated injection moulds ready for the production process.

We take charge of all the stages involved in the development of the moulds, from design, manufacture, and testing through to servicing.

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