We source the materials necessary for packaging the product properly.

We package the components or end products in-company, in the various formats required (bagged, blister pack, boxing, protective packaging, etc.).

Product packaging needs are analysed from the initial product design and production stages, taking into account the functional, regulatory (sanitary, cleanliness, etc.) and aesthetic requirements.



Blister Packaging

We have the production resources to make rigid blister packs and hot-sealed multi-layer medical bags.

We design and produce the moulds and tooling required to produce blister packs in various materials in-company.

We can offer blister packs made from medical-grade materials, certified and produced under Clean Room Class 7 conditions (per ISO 14644-1).

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Once the product or component production process is over, we package the goods in line with client requirements.

Product traceability is ensured up to packaging and dispatch to the client.

We ensure protection against external agents and shipping.