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Oscatech microinyeccion  has incorporated laser welding technology to join and seal small plastic parts that require high precision, allowing the integration of electronics or other sensitive components without vibration, thermal or chemical damage.

Using laser welding technology, we offer innovative solutions for the assembly of small-sized assemblies with applications in mechatronics, electronics, micromechanics, medical devices, etc,.

Oscatech microinyeccion  takes care of the design of the joint between components, the selection of materials, tooling and process design, including 100% weld quality control and product specific controls.


Date: 18/04/2022




Oscatech microinyeccion contributes to reduce CO2 emissions and its energy dependence with the start-up of a photovoltaic panels installation for self-consumption with 18.7 Kwp that will provide 24,400 kWh/year.

This annual production of electrical energy by self-consumption, represents to stop emitting 4,900 kgr of CO2 per year.

In this way, Oscatech microinjection fulfills one of the commitments of its CSR policy and Sustainable Development Goals SDG7-Affordable and clean energy. 


Date: 16/03/2022



Sello RSA PYME 2022


Oscatech microinyeccion has renewed for the third consecutive year the Social Responsibility certification seal awarded by the Government of Aragon.

This certification is the recognition of Oscatech's values of collaboration and involvement with its social environment, as well as our policy of transparency, commitment and loyalty to workers, suppliers and collaborators.

The result of these values and work philosophy helps us to ensure a service with maximum reactivity, flexibility and quality. 

Date: 01/01/2022



MJN Seras by Oscatech

The new device MJN-SERAS will be launched on 21 November 2020,  it is a medical device that sends out a warning signal when the risk of epileptic seizures is high, alerting the affected person .

Oscatech microinyeccion is the industrial partner selected by our customer and approved by the Spanish Drug Agency AEMPS, for the injection moulding of the plastics components and to assembly them with the rest of the electronic components. 

We have internally all the necessary technologies for its assembly and integration, being able to deliver a completely finished device, checked and packed under a certified process under the quality standard  ISO13485 Medical Device.




AHK industrial supplier forum


Oscatech microinyeccion, specialist in micro-injectión and injection molding, exhibits on the next 19th november 2020, at the first On-line AHK Industrial Supplier Forum, organized by the German Commerce Chambers Abroad.

We will offer our servicies of industrial subcontrating for leading sectors such as medical devices, micro-mechanics, E&E, microfluidics and special applications.

Oscatech microinyeccion continous its expansion in the German and DACH market, competing successfully in quality service, precision, reactivity and reliability.