We have cutting-edge technology for the precision injection and micro-injection of plastic components, specialising in heavy-duty materials (POM, LCP, PSU, PEEK, etc.), bio-polymers and resorbables.

Great flexibility and automation to cover production needs for small, medium and large series of parts weighing 0.005 g to 130 g.







Our primary activity and speciality lies in high-precision mini and micro plastic components.

We have extensive experience in micro-injection for components weighing less than 0.1 grams and dimensions in the micro-metric.



Metallic inserts or rigid plastic components flexible materials, enabling flexibility and rigidity to be incorporated into a single component.

Multi component injection moulding

With our multi-material injection technology, we can mould a single part combining two materials with different properties (two colours, soft-rigid, joints, etc.), or integrating components allowing miniaturised solutions.



Injection & Clean Room

We combine injection with Clean Room technology, meeting the demanding quality and cleanliness requirements of the medical device sector.